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Nathan Baya - Blind
Nathan Baya on Life on Hifi | Episode 14 - Evolving as an artist, supporting Toronto artists

Nathan Baya on Life on Hifi | Episode 14 - Evolving as an artist, supporting Toronto artists

Nathan is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist who believes in constantly evolving your craft. He is the creator of the open-mic styled event called Jane street speaks and the mental health infused online event for artists called Aspire to Inspire. Nathan creates these spaces to empower local artists. In this episode, we talk about being a creative entrepreneur, evolving as an artist while remaining loyal to your core and so much more! Key Takeaways: 2:30 Learn more about Nathan’s story and his journey as an artist and community activist. 10:03 What drives Nathan to continue to create with intention? 11:43 How Jane Street Speaks began 18:12 All the roadblocks Nathan has faced, the struggles of being a creative entrepreneur and how crucial adapting to change is. 28:45 Finances for artists, how to know your worth and value your time 38:32 The Aspire to Inspire project, mental wellbeing and how the pandemic has affected our mental health. 45:12 What gives Nathan peace of mind to sustain himself through the pandemic and what he has learned along the way. 52:18 Do artists have a bigger chance of success in the U.S. vs Canada? Support local before global. 58:38 What has Nathan’s life on Hifi? Resources From This Episode Learn more about Jane Street Speaks: Nathan's IG: In this episode, Nathan mentioned projects with previous Life on HiFi guests. If you have not tuned in for those yet and want to learn more, go check out Randell and Kofi’s episodes! Do you want to receive exclusive news and updates from Life on Hifi? Sign up for our Hifi HIghlights Newsletter! Podcast website: Podcast IG/Twitter: Lifeonhifi Host Website:
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